Welcome to Mensa!

Do you often think differently from others? Are you faster or more creative than the people around you? Do you often see the big picture? Do you find complex problems a challenge rather than an obstacle?

Then it is very possible that you belong to the 2% most gifted people in the population and are therefore eligible for membership of Mensa Be.

We are an association of experts by experience in the field of giftedness, ordinary people who experience daily what it is like to live with HIQ. We know the advantages and disadvantages, and we learn from each other how best to deal with being 'different'.

A motley crew

As a Mensa Be member, you can exchange ideas with different people from all walks of life; after all, a high IQ is completely unrelated to race, religion, social class or age.

We unite people at local, national and international meetings and activities. Our activities are always organised by committed members. They are all volunteers who make time for them with great pleasure.

Mensa International

Mensa International Limited (MIL) is an international association for gifted people, active in more than 100 countries and with more than 140 000 members worldwide.

By becoming a member of Mensa Be, you also automatically become a member of MIL, have access to their website and can get in contact with members of other national Mensas.