IQ testing

Take the home test!

The home test is not an admission test but is intended to give a good estimate of the result to be expected on the supervised admission test.
The home test is available as an on-line test. Answer the questions within 20 minutes!

This test is unfortunately only available in Dutch or French, please select appropriate language.

Admission tests

Supervised admission tests are held regularly in major cities in Belgium. Anyone who is 16 or older is allowed to participate.

A session lasts approximately one hour and a half. The registration fee is 50 EUR. It covers the costs of organisation, administration and correction, and is to be paid in advance to the account:

IBAN: BE50 0013 5993 2118

References to quote: “First and Last Names - Location of the test - Date of the test”

Normally arriving on time suffices to be able to participate, but since the number of places for each session is limited it is advised to book your test beforehand below. As latecomers disturb the other participants, they will be refused to participate - even if they booked the test beforehand. A psychologist corrects your answers and an estimate of your IQ is sent to you confidentially by mail as soon as possible. Please note however that a few weeks might sometimes be necessary as our organization only works with volunteers.

Individual tests

Mensa accepts certain IQ tests obtained individually from an authorized psychologist.
If you think you qualify for admission based on such a test, may we ask you to send a mail with a certificate of the taken IQ test.

This certificate must contain:

  • the stamp and signature of the psychologist who performed your IQ test,
  • the number of correct answers (raw score),
  • the corresponding global IQ-score and percentile,
  • the name of the used norm table.

Our administration fee for this procedure is EUR 10.00. Please wire transfer the amount to the account:

IBAN: BE50 0013 5993 2118

Send a proof of payment along with the test certificate by email to IQ-testing. We will then contact you as soon as possible.
For your information: the WAIS is an IQ test that is often taken individually and which is recognised by Mensa.


Contact us for more information about the admission tests
Email: IQ-testing
NB: MensaBe has a youth division.